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Corporate Litigation

When business disputes or issues surface, it is critical to have a committed, hardworking and caring attorney representing you so that the situation can be resolved efficiently and cost-effectively.  With over 40 years of legal experience, collectively, we can guide you through even the most complex disputes so that your business can resume normal operations as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We stand by our clients and advocate vigorously on their behalf.  We help to evaluate your situation and weigh the cost against possible benefit.  When you succeed, we succeed.

We represent businesses and business owners in a variety of business litigation matters, such as:


In business, disputes arise. Some can be resolved through negotiations without litigation. Others through contractual provisions provide for binding arbitration. Through the years we have assisted our corporate clients with resolutions through negotiations and arbitration. If there is no arbitration clause in the contract between companies and negotiations are unsuccessful then the company finds itself in litigation. Litigation can be a lengthy, costly and stressful process. We have assisted our corporate clients through this process. We look to the cost/benefit analysis in the decision process throughout as to the course to take and the methods to use. We have more than 40 years of experience in litigating business disputes.

Defending and Advising Company Board of Directors

Boards of Directors can be subject to litigation and liability exposure from internal sources, employees, management and officers as well as external sources including other businesses and governmental agencies. The Board members need independent guidance and potential litigation representation. For example, we have represented financial institutions in disputes with the FDIC.

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